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School Children

Testimonials & Reviews 

From our beloved clients and well-wishers.

We are thankful for all these testimonials!

For more recent reviews & to validate these testimonials, kindly refer to the review section or photo section of our Facebook Page @speechtherapyinbahrain  & Google page @speech-therapy-in-bahrain.

Dear Gisha,

This is a small token of appreciation. Every time my son smiles says a word, waves goodbye or does any other silly thing, in my heart, I send you a prayer.

You are truly an angel. May God shower you with His Blessings.

Neda (Fb Page- Photo section)

My 4 year old son had (ADHA) speech delay and hyperactivity, with in few days with her effort and support he started to improve and now he talks well. Thank you jisha

Jemi (Fb page)

Jisha was my son’s speech therapist. My son was experiencing speech delay and we were referred to Jisha. Within the first few classes, there was a significant improvement and in 2 months his improvement was commendable. Jisha also supported us throughout the course. Thanks Jisha for all your efforts and guidance which helped my son to overcome the speech delay.

Sanjeev (Fb page)

"I've been taking my Daughter to Jisha Peter as a specialist of Speech and Language Therapy.. She is very attentive, full of energy, positive and supportive.

Jisha has taken a substantial amount of time to help us understand the root causes of the issue and how we can contribute to helping my Daughter. *Her guidance was priceless*. She kept us informed of the techniques she was using and how we could apply them at home on a daily basis.

She always has time to address all of my questions and give me much needed guidance. I have to attribute my Daughter progress to the weekly speech therapy sessions which my Daughter enjoys a lot. I would like to thank Mrs. Jisha Peter being so professional and caring...

My Daughter, she is now doing great and is always asking about when to go back every time we pass by area! "

Furthermore, Jisha, is always available to discuss my daughter case even after hours...

Once again *Thank you so much* Jisha for your kind attention to my Daughter case... God Bless you!

Najeem (Fb page)

Certainly one of the best speech therapist. Would totally recommend.

Mansi (Fb page)

Jisha Peter is a very passionate pediatric speech and language therapist who puts her 100% for the benefits of her clients. I had worked with jisha for 3 years and knowing her for past 8 years as a person of high spirits. She always follows evidenced based practices and updates herself with the recent developments on the areas of speech and language interventions. she was trained in prestigious institutions and I find her very resourceful. She is kind by nature and puts an extra efforts to train the parents and empower them to improve their child's abilities.

Aparna (Fb page)

Jisha was my son's speech therapist. I can tell you from my experience that she is a very talented and well-experienced speech therapist.

Satheesh (Fb Page)

Very good Dr, she has a thorough knowledge on the subjecy and does an in-depth analysis before a diagnosis

Nancy (Fb page)

Jisha is full of energy and a positive person. My daughter was experiencing speech delay and thanks to the support and guidance of Jisha, we saw a great deal of improvement within the 3 months course.

I am pleased to write this review and would recommend Jisha for anyone for seeking to get child speech services.

Bharat (Fb page)

Well experienced, can totally count on her for your child's speech development.

Mariam (Fb page)

I am pleased to write this review and recommendation and can not underestimate the positive experience I had here. My son attended speech therapy here and both the progress and experience he had has been phenomenal. An individualized plan was established for him and She has been nothing but accommodating for my son and I. She is patient, friendly and has gotten the most out of him. I would recommend this establishment for anyone seeking to get their child speech services.

Dear Aunty,

Thank you for making me understand the language, to make me communicate, and to give the understanding how the world around me communicates. Thank you for teaching me new words everyday. 

Mommy, Daddy and I are very grateful to you. I will miss learning from you, I wish I could have you for lifetime. But sure you are in my heart forever. 

Thank you for everything. You are the best!

Yahya (Gave review twice - Fb Page- Review & Photo section)

Jisha is an excellent and professional speech therapist. She delivers her work with passion and knowledge. I highly recommend seeking out her services!

Joseph (Fb page)

My son was barely talking when we registered him for speech therapy. After 2 months sessions with Jisha, we were able to understand his needs and wants then eventually he is now able to communicate well with everyone. So I would definitely recommend Jisha Peter. She is well experienced speech therapist, very professional, kind and friendly.

Marites (Fb page)

Ms. Jisha is a certified and licensed speech therapist in Bahrain. She is highly skilled and qualified in handling childhood and adult communication disorders of various kinds. Her passionate, committed and responsible approach to each client has brought tremendous results and has greatly helped many. Having shared a common work platform I can assure how she makes sure to give a personal touch to every individual she works with by providing a personalized treatment plan and how she can walk, guide & encourage you through each step not just for the client but also for the parents and caregivers.

I am sure your dedicated efforts will bring more wonders in the lives of many. She is nice and motivating and I have loved working with her. I Strongly recommend her & her services.

Ritu (Fb page)

I have known Ms. Jisha since 2012. We were colleagues in an academic institute and continued to stay connected and always discussed childhood communication disorders.

Jisha is a hard worker who is keen on constantly upgrading her skill sets to help benefit children whom she works with. I strongly recommend her services.

Chitra (Fb page)

Finding the right person to help with my son speech needs felt like finding a needle in a haystack,,but I felt like I won the lottery when I met wd jisha put simply shez brilliant,she has a warm ,bright ,welcoming nd loving personality nd she immediately engaged wd my son,she was perceptive n her assessment nd n her recognizing d issue at hand,,my son speech improve dramatically ,,,I would highly recommend jisha.

I have had the pleasure of working wd miss Jisha Peter, Shez 1 of the best therapist in son didn't have many words at d age of 4 ,,so we really concerned..JISHA was d 1st educator 2 c our son out if his element...Needless 2 say, she addressed all off our needs nd concerns thn nd their,we felt very comfortable nd started our speech sessions ,,,she not only makes my son feel welcomed ,bt she has alwys made me feel at peace wd my decession,,,soo long story short we would highly recommend her.

Angel (Gave review twice-Fb page- Review & Photo Section)

My son Humza was suffering with delayed speech but when we started speech therapy with Mrs. Jisha he has improved a lot and have adapted a lot of vocabulary and have also started trying to make sentences. Me and my wife both are thank ful to Jisha for her extraordinary efforts, teaching style methods and personal attention. Thanks Jisha.

Khizer ( Fb Page)

working with developmentaily delayed child with speech is such a big task because literally its rewiring the brain, my son is 5 years old with delayed speech, one of my friend told me about MISS.JISHA

I have no words fr her , she iz really a very supportive , cool minded , she works with my child for maxmium 3 or 4 months, nd we are amazed 2 see the difrence in my son before nad after he has alot of improvment alot alot,

i definately reccomend her again and again,

in short she z just amazing , mind blowing nd professional.....

Rozi (Fb Page)

Dear Jisha aunty

I am so glad i got to meet a person like you who patiently taught me how to pronounce correctly. I enjoy practicing it even now when my spech is clear. Because that reminds me of you. I miss you.Thank you is a small word for your help and guidance.

Lots of Love

SA (Fb page)

Upon consulting teacher Jisha, she said that she only needed 3 months of sessions with our son. We'll admit we were skeptical at first and she actually delivered and lived up to her word. Prior to that our son has regressed due to a 1 year hiatus. After going through many centers and speech therapist, we saw that there was drastic improvement with teacher Jisha. We the parents are more than satisfied with our son's development. We would highly recommend teacher Jisha as she puts a lot of effort and is very patient when doing one on one sessions with our son. Furthermore, teacher Jisha is very professional and gives us advice on what we can do at home to expand our son's improvement. For anyone that needs a speech therapist don't look else where and seek teacher Jisha. She is open to all nationalities and she loves to help.

Jan (Fb page)

My son was experiencing speech delay. Through fb I found Jisha Madam within the first counseling section she found the causes of my son’s problem and taught me the techniques that how to improve my kid speech development. Her extraordinary guidance reached my son to a new level. So I thank you jisha madam help my son to attain his development.

Thanks a lot

Vigini (Fb page)

I am so pleased to write this review especially for Ms Jisha...She is a very professional and excellent speech therapist,her approach to communicate with children the moment they step in her room is just wow....she is a good listener and guides parents a lay man words she is the magician who can bring the child and parent on common communication grounds...I had the opportunity to meet Ms Wonderful for my nephew's speech therapy...I can vouch for her and totally recommend her as best speech therapist in Bahrain..her skill set and tricks are amazingly accurate...Ms Jisha's help can REALLY help your child communicate...but yes it's not just a day's work and your child will speak fluently, it's baby steps to success....speech therapy is only successful when the parents give their at home with child's homework.... it's basically a partnership between a speech therapist and parents 50/50 which will surely work for the child...if anyone is looking for speech therapy in Bahrain just go to this SAVIOUR (Ms.Jisha)

Sammy (Fb page)

Miss Jisha: is a calm & supportive who has provided excellent care. She takes time to listen &them comes up with a plan that work, She has a very powerful techniques to help my kid from repetetive mode,

She is perhaps one of the most passionate, attentive full of energy & supportive,

I have to attribute my sons progress to the speech therapy sessions,

I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking to get their child speech therapist


RO (Fb page)

Thank you! Our love, prayers and support with your family, always.

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